👉 Step 1:

Get your XNB address and View Key 

Download XNB Wallet from Dropbox
Xeonbit (XNB) Wallet GUI
Get XNB Wallet ViewKey

Get your XNS address

Get XNS Wallet address ERC20 from Trust Wallet

👉 Step 2:

Deposit XNB/XNS to Donation Address / Burning Address

(check the form to get correct amount & address)

👉 Step 3:

Register the form


(your username, addresses Step 1, transaction id on Step 2)

First 100 eligible registered participants will get 100 $XNS reward. ❤️

👉 Step 4:

Trading XNB/XNS on exchanges and withdraw to your registered XNB/XNS addresses on step 1.

(the highest amount of XNB/XNS address will be the winner 🎊)

Any question❔🤔

What are you waiting for ? Join and Win with us now

* Subject to change without notice at anytime

* 10% of total reward will be contributed for Trading Contest Donation Wallet.

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