Any ERC20 Xeonbit Token (XNS) can be added to your local Metamask, MEW interface by following these instructions.

Step 1. Access your wallet.

Metamask Wallet Chrome Extension
MEW Wallet

Step 2. Search for Xeonbit Token

If you see the token, but don’t see a balance, it’s possible our default listing is for a token with the same symbol but a different contract address. In this case, continue with these steps as if you didn’t see it in the list.

Step 3. Looking for the token’s information

You will need three pieces of information to add a custom token with our interface: the contract address, decimal count, and symbol. All of this information can be found via an Ethereum blockchain explorer, like or

Step 4. Add Xeonbit Token Contract address to your wallet

Metamask -> Menu -> Add Token -> Custom Token
Paste Token Contract Address:

Paste the contract address into the top field, Token Symbol and Decimals will be added automatically. Then click ‘Next’. You’re done!

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