What is Binance DEX and Binance Chain?

The DEX (Decentralize EXchange) sounds too good to be true, and many see that as proof that it is not true. However, it might as well be, as Binance seems to be aware of what its users want and need. The launch of a DEX would make Binance a community, more than a simple exchange, and it would guarantee its relevance in the future of crypto.

What is XNS proposal?

Recently Xeonbit Token XNS had been submitted their issue XNS asset and listing proposal on Binance Chain.
Xeonbit also submitted Proposal to Binance Community Please join Binance Community to show your interested of Xeonbit Project and support for the listing to Binance DEX. Thanks for your contribution.

What’s status of XNS Proposal?

From Binance’s Proposal Workflow at the time of this post, XNS Proposal is at Voting Period . One more time, please join our Proposal on Binance Community to show your interested in our Xeonbit Token XNS. We will update status on our social network. Stay tuned.

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