Go to https://xeonbit.com/products/ to select your favourite Products and Memberships
select the Basic Package (Started Xeonbit Package)
Click on Add to cart button
You can View Cart by click on the button
Click on Proceed to checkout button to process checking out
Fill up information then Click on Place Order button
System will generate Xeonbit Total due Amount and Pay To Address for Your Payment (Click on the icon to copy the Amount or Address)
Open your Xeonbit Desktop Wallet. Keep the Wallet sync with Network (Connected status) then Paste Amount & Address correctly above to Send
After click on Send button we need to click OK button to confirm the transaction
Enter your wallet password and Continue your Sending Progress
After that, your Xeonbit had been sent successful with transaction ID. Just click OK
Be back to Check out Page and Wait for a few minutes when the transaction had been confirmed on network. The transaction Id will be shown as photo
You can go to https://xeonbit.com/my-account/orders to check your order status as Completed
You also can view your Referral URL at Dashboard tab https://xeonbit.com/my-account
Video example
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