Preserving your online privacy has become almost a lost cause these days.

Reading the User Agreement

Everyone has multiple online accounts. Most of us are worried about their digital personality being targeted by data collectors and marketing researchers. We are also guilty of compromising our own security as very few people actually read the small print when subscribing to a service.

Analysing the Privacy Policy

The two risks that have been singled out in the report about Reddit concern the possibility of your information being shared with advertisers and the fact that your data may be recorded indefinitely. The forum keeps a complete log of all sent messages even when the accounts are deleted and retains the IP addresses from which they were created.

Telegram, the messenger that enjoys the most popularity with crypto enthusiasts because of its encryption features, has a “good” verdict. Telegram assures users that it never shares personal data with anyone and does not store your secret chats on its servers. Among the popular social networks, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr have scored poorly in the ratings. There’s also a notable omission – Facebook, despite its own share of cases involving compromised user data.

Privacy in financial transactions is best guaranteed by decentralised currencies and related services.

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