The young working age group contributes substantially being the driving factor in the uptake of cryptographic purchases. In the United States, around 48 percent of those between 18-24 years, 53 percent of those between 25-34 years and 42 percent of those between 35-44 years are expected to be willing to use Xeonbit and other cryptocurrencies as the medium for making purchases and remitting transactions.

It is an optimistic figure even if it is just 30%. If there are just 30% of the workforce willing to adopt cryptocurrencies as a means of payments, the crypto market can safely expect a stronger demand in cryptocurrency and its gradual integration into our daily considerations. If Xeonbit can be used as a means of completing these online transactions, then the currency can quickly become one of the most preferred. All we need to do is to ensure that the currency has value, liquidity and it can perform swift transactions.

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