We are planing for Virtual POS (Proof of Stake) for our $XNB holders and miners. Now you can earn passive income through our Virtual POS saving, with large amount of your $XNB in wallet you can get $XNS reward from our program.

How to claim your $XNS reward from Virtual POS (Proof of Stake)?

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  • Xeonbit
    Posted May 24, 2019 2:59 am 0Likes

    🌻 Virtual POS (Proof of Stake)
    📝Terms and Rewards:

    🌷 Only KYC members from Xeonbit Token can receive staking reward

    🌷 Staking reward will be adjusted as following:

    👉 More than or equal 10,000 XNB will receive 800 XNS annually
    👉 More than or equal 100,000 XNB will receive 10,000 XNS annually
    👉 More than or equal 1,000,000 XNB will receive 120,000 XNS annually

    *Annual fee 2%
    **Subject to change without notice

    🔗More detail and comments on https://xeonbit.com/virtual-pos-proof-of-stake-for-xnb-holders-and-miners/

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