Xeonbit Airdrop Distribution Information

Thank for your joining our Xeonbit Token (XNS) Airdrop recently. There is information about our Distribution activities

Distributions on July 22nd and Sept 2nd are completed:


⚠ large file may take time to load

Please just reply my message and interact to be listed on next Distribution Dec 3rd

📝 Main Spreadsheet: 


⚠ large file may take time to load

Message here will be deleted & no update for next Distribution Dec 3rd, please be careful and DO NOT spam on this community group. Join @XeonbitDistribution for any related questions

❌ There will be no support or updated after distribution.

❌ Total member amount must be above 35K to be processed next Distribution

✅ Tips: using your avatar (Xeonbit logo is recommended)

✅ Setting -> Last name as xeonbit for higher priority

✅ Your Telegram username must be matched on spreadsheet.

✅ Please let us know your status before discussing and give correct question.

✅ If your status is “interacting” then you will be in the list of next Distribution

✅ If your status is blank then you need to keep interacting on @xeonbitgroup by giving some compliments or following the Tips above.

Announcement About The Final Distribution Dec 3rd 2019

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